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Sale! Hector Cademartori Original Artwork Z Christmas Card Box Set, "Zanta Claus"

Sale! Hector Cademartori Original Artwork Z Christmas Card Box Set, "Zanta Claus"
Part #:70-3019
Price: $20.00

Christmas Special Sale Pricing Is Limited to available stock. Regularly $30.00!

This is the fourth awesome installment of renowned automotive Artist Hector Cademartori's extraordinary Z-Car Christmas Cards! Here are the Artist's thoughts:

The Christmas cards are the highlight of my year. I produce five or six every year for different clients, all of them involving cars or motorcycles, and I've been doing them for over 25 years.

Since Christmas cards don't have a commercial target (beyond their retail price), I have plenty of freedom to come up with situations involving Santa Claus, his helpers and all the elements of a Christmas scene around cars and motorcycles. It's fun to come up with new ideas and enjoy adding elements in the background pertinent to the subject matter. I get comments from the most observant in the audience about a poster on the wall or a little racecar in a dark corner.

For instance, in this year's art I included a toy fire truck. It's my friend Dan Banks', a well known Datsun collector and historian from Maryland who owns the real thing.

We included some sequences from rough sketch to final art. Thought they'd be of our customers' interest.

This is my fourth Datsun Christmas card and I look forward to next year's design. Merry Christmas and Zeason's Greetings!

Hector Cademartori

It is difficult to capture the true appearance of the artwork in these small, watermarked images, but we're confident you'll be quite impressed when you see the actual cards. They are printed on high-quality 5x7" gloss-coated heavy stock. The set includes 10 Cards & 10 Envelopes. Inside Message: "The love of friends at Christmas Is so special and dear, As we send a happy greeting To each loved one, far and near. 'Christmas is Happiness', by Garnett Ann Schultz"

Since these cards have a glossy finish outside AND inside, a Sharpie is the preferred method of writing on them. Some pens and markers have a tough time transferring to high gloss paper because of how non-porous it is, but a Sharpie works well.

Click on the image below for a larger image of the artwork represented on the card:

Wait, there is more! As stated above, this was the fourth Z-Christmas Card design the Artist had created. Check Related Items for other great designs, and even Christmas Wall Art!

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