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Performance Springs

As with most performance modifications, there are some cautions you should observe when choosing how to lower your vehicle. First, never cut or heat your springs to change your car's ride height. It is impossible to predict how much your Z will be lowered or its spring rate altered. More importantly, such tampering with the springs is dangerous, since these methods can ruin the factory temper of the steel. The proper way to lower your car is to use components that are designed with specific performance goals in mind. Beware of "cheap" springs. They are generally produced from inferior grade steels that tend to sag in a relatively short period of time. The resulting ride quality and handling attributes will be much different than what you bargained for. Avoid springs that are overly stiff. Besides producing a bone jarring ride, super stiff springs can actually inhibit good handling by limiting suspension travel and causing your wheels and tires to "bounce", thereby losing adhesion with the road surface, especially when encountering a bump during cornering. A well-engineered set of performance springs can give you the best of all worlds: improved performance and a good ride. You shouldn't have to settle for anything less. Ask your Motorsport salesperson which springs are best suited for your needs.