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Air Flow Meters & Parts

Motorsport rebuilt air flow meters are a cut above the other brands. We use a heavy duty air flap on our air flow meters which eliminates the breakage caused by backfiring. All meters are rebuilt on factory cores. 6 month, 6000 mile warranty. Sold on an exchange basis; a refundable core charge will be added to your order.

Note: Be sure to follow the Factory Service Manual testing procedures fully and carefully to confirm that your metering device is actually the cause of the problem you are having. As with all electrical and smog parts, there are no returns on these metering devices if it turns out that they were not the cause of the problem with your Z or ZX.

A Note on Air Flow Meters: Over the years, a common trend that we have seen is defaulting to the Air Flow Meter as the source for why a fuel injected Z is not running properly. In many cases, someone will replace an old AFM with a new or rebuilt unit, only to have the car run even worse than it did with the old unit (or not at all). This situation comes up most often when the car is running rich (too much fuel). Typically, when this happens it is the result of another component functioning improperly, such as the (Water Temperature Sensor). AFM adjustments are often used to "band-aid" other issues in the fuel injection system, and in many cases we find that the meters are adjusted to the full extent possible. Once no further adjustments can be made, it is usually determined that the AFM has gone bad and needs to be replaced. When the replacement is installed (which is set back to factory specs), the fuel computer will try to push far too much fuel through the injectors and the car will either not run at all or will barely run extremely rich (exhaust backfires, black smoke, etc.). Before ordering a replacement Air Flow Meter, it is highly recommended that you fully inspect other components in the fuel system (in addition to the required Factory Service Manual testing procedures) in order to rule out other probable causes. Items to inspect include the water temperature sensor (75-79)/head temperature sensor (80-83), fuel injectors, all of the electrical connectors throughout the system (injectors, temp sensors, air regulator, etc.), fuel pressure regulator, spark plugs (for plug condition), and more (give us a call at (714)639-2620 for other possible causes).