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KONI History

KONI Shock Absorbers History & Overview (Video)

KONI is the premier manufacturer of adjustable shocks in the world. KONI shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the tightest tolerances. KONI shocks are specifically designed for each vehicle and thus adapted to meet the requirements for each individual application. KONI also has a long and proud racing history, beginning in Formula 1 in the 1950s.

"KONI is the shock absorber specialist. For more than a century we have created products that excel in the toughest and the smoothest of conditions. Each KONI shock absorber and ride system is aimed to enrich the user experience; therefore we like to think that our products have a personality of their own."

KONI - Leading Edge Technology

KONI - Leading Edge Technology & More (Video)

This video gives you a sense of the innovative mindset of the company. This is true not only in the parts they create, but even in how they run their manufacturing operation. While others have drawn back in the industry, they are pushing forward and expanding. This is great news for all Z enthusiasts across all the Z communities!

KONI Racing History

A Little About KONI's Racing History

In the early fifties, KONI decided to play a more prominent role in motor sport in order to enlarge the company's reputation. Motorsport was an excellent way to prove the world that the shock absorbers manufactured in Oud-Beijerland were of very high quality.

The first event that KONI participated in, was the Tulpenrally in 1955, a Dutch organized rally with international status by that time. The KONI dampers proved to be ideal for rally purposes. What's more, they stood out head and shoulders above their competitors.

After starting with rally, KONI switched to the racing scene. In 1956 KONI entered the Formula 1, while at the famous Nordschleife, KONI assisted the Ferrari team in solving their suspension problems.

Until that time, F1 still used the lever arm type shock absorbers. The KONI shock absorbers offered better damping characteristics and the possibility to mount the spring around the damper, which made it more compact. The first official Grand Prix that KONI participated in was in 1958 with Ferrari. The Belgian driver Gendebien made his appearance on the Monza track with KONI and took sixth place.

After the start with Ferrari the business went fast and in 1971 KONI achieved its first World Championship win, as Tyrrell Ford won the driver's (Jackie Stewart) and constructor's championship.

Nowadays, KONI is still represented in the Formula series. Formula Racing can be divided in a lot of national and international categories. Often the cars are driven by a major field of young drivers, which guarantees spectacular races and a lot of action. KONI is involved and competes in several major Formula classes all over the world, including the GP2 series, GP3 series, Formula E, Formula 3 and Formula 1 classes, where KONI has won many races.

KONI & Dallara Racing