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Busch Aluminum Wash

Busch Aluminum Wash
Part #:80-8201
Price: $12.95

Busch Aluminum Wash is for uncoated, unpainted wheels, and other metal cleaning jobs (like valve covers or intake manifolds). Aluminum Wash is acid-based, with a Special surfactant package that wisks away dirt & brake dust effortlessly! 16 ounce bottle with spray top.

  • Removes oxidation, brake dust, and road grime
  • Removes ugly water spots
  • Leaves uniform surface finish luster
  • A clean surface with oxidation removed speeds up the polishing process
  • Excellent on mill finish and diamond plate non-polished surfaces
Simple to use:
  • Make sure wheel or surface is at temperatures between 70-80F.
  • Start spraying from bottom to top to avoid runs that can cause streaking.
  • Stubborn brake dust & grime stains may require light scrubbing.
  • Hose product after about 2 minutes, rinsing thoroughly to avoid streaking.
  • That is all!
For Coated or Painted wheels: see part #80-8202 in related items below for our Coated & Painted Wheel Wash.

Attention California Customers:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -