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POR-15 Paint Over Rust, Semi-Gloss Black, Pint

POR-15 Paint Over Rust, Semi-Gloss Black, Pint
Part #:80-8256
Price: $38.62
Designed to be coated right onto rusty surfaces, Paint Over Rust leaves a solid finish which won't crack, chip, or peel. POR-15 cures by drawing moisture from the atmosphere, which unlike paint, won't leave pores which can eventually allow air and moisture to reach the metal. This way rust is eliminated permanently. POR-15 is as durable as powder coating, yet remains flexible to prevent cracks. Semi-Gloss Black finish (also available in Black, Silver, Clear, or Gray, see 80-8253 in Related Items below).

Color Features:
  • Black (Gloss and Semi-Gloss): Best option for areas that won't be top-coated or exposed to direct sunlight, such as underside areas, inner fenders, frames, floor pans, suspension parts, etc.
  • Clear: Offers the smoothest finish; makes a great preprimer on exterior surfaces.
  • Gray: Great for concrete floors, storage areas, and steel.
  • Silver: Contains metal filler, making it great for badly rusted and pitted areas (will fill holes better than black or clear).

Be sure to follow the instructions on the can before and during use. Cleaner/Degreaser and Metal Prep are excellent for this purpose (see Related Items below). A topcoat should be applied when used on areas that will receive significant direct sunlight.

Attention California Customers:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -