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Factory Option NISMO Logo Floormats, 09-20 370Z

Factory Option NISMO Logo Floormats, 09-20 370Z
Part #:50-2643
Price: $118.87
Replacement Available
Supercedes to 50-2658.

Supercession Note:
Nissan has superceded these floormats to a newer version: 50-2658. The new set adds a 370'Z' logo to each mat, red stitching around the edges of the mat, and a lighter charcoal color. If you would prefer black mats with the 'nismo' logo, see 50-2651 in Related Items.

  • (1) Left (Driver's) Side Logo Floor Mat
  • (1) Right (Passenger) Side Logo Floor Mat

These factory optional floormats have 'NISMO' logos, have the proper fit metal grommets, and most importantly, fit properly. The driver's side also has a durable heel pad. Includes two unique floor mats: one custom made to fit the driver's (left) side; one custom made to fit the passenger (right) side.

This part number is 'superceded'. Most of our supercessions originated with Nissan. A part made for a Z31, for instance, may actually be the same as the part made for the Z32, but it was given a different number. Nissan would then later supercede the number, so that if you ordered the part number for the Z32, what you would actually get is the original part number for the Z31 (or vice-versa), as they are the same part. Other times, supercessions can exist between different parts on the same car, as is often the case with hardware of the same size. These supercessions were Nissan decisions, where replacing the 'superceded from' part with the 'superceded to' part results in identical performance. The vast majority of them are simple numbering changes, where the parts are literally identical. In some cases, the two parts are identical in fit and function, but the finish is slightly different, or the non-critical overall dimensions are slightly different (like one starter housing being '' shorter than the other on the non-attached side). They do not affect the function of the part, and in many cases, the 'superceded-to' part improves upon the 'superceded-from' part.

Model Guide:
Nissan 370Z

Code Guide:
Nissan Z34

Year Guide:
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Some parts may not fit every version of every year listed. See product Title & Description for any application breakdowns or customization options, and contact us with any questions.

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