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JWT Upgraded Concentric Slave Cylinder, 07-20 350Z-370Z

JWT Upgraded Concentric Slave Cylinder, 07-20 350Z-370Z
Part #:21-2169
Price: $246.87
Temporarily Unavailable
Availability: Jim Wolf Technologies is currently in the process of updating this part. They do not currently have a timeframe that we can expect this work to be completed or for when these may come back in stock. We'll update this page when we have more information or an estimate of completion.

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Jim Wolf Technologies has solved one of the biggest issues for late model Z-Cars equipped with HR engines: premature Concentric Slave Cylinder failure. They worked with customers and Nissan techs alike and managed to pinpoint all of the issues with the original design. The result of their efforts is this upgraded, direct fit replacement version that completely eliminates the issues that plagued 07+ Z's. Unlike other solutions that overhaul the entire design and require custom parts, the JWT version works with all factory components and doesn't change the way that the system functions (some items should be replaced prior to installation*). Read below for more detailed information.

Jim Wolf recommends replacing the Clutch Master Cylinder, as well as cleaning and blowing out all of the fluid lines prior to installing the new CSC. We recommend taking this a step further and replacing both rubber hoses in addition to the master cylinder (a new reservoir assembly should be considered if any clutch dust has made it that far into the system). Failure due to contaminated fluid is not warrantable per Jim Wolf Technologies.

OE CSC Failure:
The Nissan designed Concentric Slave Cylinder for 2007 & later 350Z & 370Z has proven problematic, with clutch dust contamination and resulting seal issues. The factory Concentric Slave Cylinders (CSCs) are known to fail prematurely on late model Z-Cars with HR motors. While Nissan has modified the original design several times, they were never quite able to solve the issue. Over the years, some have simply removed the entire concentric system and replaced it with a traditional style, externally mounted slave cylinder. Custom designed kits such as these are effective; however, they require specialized components that may not be easy to source in the event of issues down the road. Jim Wolf Technologies, on the other hand, collected a large number of failed CSCs so that they could create a proper fix to the problem. What they consistently found was that dust from regular clutch wear was making it all the way past the hydraulic seal of the CSC, causing the seal itself to lift. This allowed fluid to spill out into the bell housing (and onto the clutch) while the clutch dust would make its way further through the clutch hydraulic system (there have even been cases where dust made it all the way into the reservoir!). Other flaws were also found in the original design, such as the use of 12 axial grooves to reduce friction without proper dust protection along with the use of a plastic piston. After determining the source of the problem, JWT went to work designing a proper replacement that fully eliminates the issues with the factory version. An all aluminum piston and seal support that features dual PTFE full radial sleeve wipers work together to mitigate clutch dust migration into the system while significantly reducing friction. The end result is a proper fix that is relatively easy to install (compared to conversions), will last for years to come, and requires no special components.

Model Guide:
Nissan 350Z, 370Z

Code Guide:
Nissan Z33, Z34

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2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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