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Performance Driveshafts

MSA Performance Aluminum Driveshafts are designed to fit in both stock and performance applications. We start with an Alcoa 6060-T6 seamless aluminum tube for maximum strength. The yoke and differential flange are forged aluminum and steel. In addition, we have replaced the original U-Joints with oversized Spicer U-Joints to remove one of the critical driveline weak points. The end result is a piece that is designed to hold up against almost any power or RPM your Z engine can produce!

The driveshaft is one of the critical links in your powertrain that transfers the power made by your engine to the wheels. Factory driveshafts are essentially hollow steel tubes with flex joints (U-joints) at each end. While acceptable for most street driven cars, this design begins to have problems at high horsepower and RPM. Even a perfectly balanced steel driveshaft can start to flex, vibrate, and wobble with enough power applied. While a steel shaft is strong, the shaft has to be made with thin walls to keep weight (rotational mass) down. In performance applications, where horsepower and prolonged high engine RPM are normal, this thin walled design simply doesn't hold up.

This is where aluminum comes into play. Since aluminum is so much lighter than steel, more of it can be used while keeping weight down to build a stronger driveshaft that is less susceptible to the issues that steel has. On the other hand, more of it must be used in order to surpass the strength of steel. This results in an overall larger piece in terms of diameter, yet comparable in weight. In addition to a larger tube with thicker walls, we use oversized U-Joints to eliminate one of the weakest points in the Z driveline. This does require both a larger yoke and differential flange. The end result of these improvements is a significantly stronger driveshaft that is less susceptible to rotational issues. As a bonus, we normally see a slight overall weight reduction (typically under half a pound) despite the overall size increase.

For 74-83 2+2 or 84-89 300ZX Driveshafts please give a sales technician a call at (714)639-2620.

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