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Acoustic Insulation

Thermal And Acoustic Insulation

Now you can line your Z to protect against heat, cold, noise, and moisture. The Insulator features industrial grade aluminum bonded to a multi-fiber pad. It has 97% reflectivity, a fire retardant added, and conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302. The Insulator is easily cut with a razor and simply installed with spray adhesive and Insul-Tape. The spray adhesive is specially formulated for use with multiple surfaces. One 10 oz. can will install two 4' x 6' sheets of The Insulator. The Insul-Tape is a pressure sensitive aluminized foil tape which conforms to irregular surfaces. It seals seams and joints, and provides a vapor barrier. It is easily cut with household scissors. Proper installation of The Insulator requires both the tape and spray. Regular adhesives will not work.

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