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Stock Fuel Injection Computers (ECU)

Why gamble on a used unit from a wreck? Our ECU's are rebuilt on Factory cores. Sold on an exchange basis only. Please supply the model number (found on the sticker/plate attached to the brain, example A11-600-000).

Exchange Notes: As with all remanufactured parts, supplies of rebuildable cores is always limited. If we do not have a rebuildable core when you place your order, you may need to send your old part in ahead of time to be remanufactured itself. To see if we have a rebuildable core already available, you can choose the product you need from the list below, select the core charge option on the product page, place your order, and we will let you know. To find out before placing your order, have your vehicle information ready as shown on the product detail page for your model, and call us at (714)639-2620. We will look for a matching core, and let you know. You can also email us your questions and/or information.
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