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Aerospace TBC Coated Headers, 70-83 240Z-260Z-280Z-280ZX

These outstanding headers are built especially for Motorsport to our strict specifications. They are coated with highly durable and effective Aerospace Thermal Barrier Ceramic Coating to protect your car and further increase performance. The thick exhaust flange is flat machined to promote a consistent seal. It also prevents warping and eliminates the need for installation spacers. Exhaust ports have high-quality welds to ensure leak-free performance. Each design can be attached to the stock exhaust components, including catalytic converters, or our Motorsport performance exhaust systems. All appropriate smog fittings are provided on those headers labeled "with smog fittings", and special installation gaskets are included (do not use original equipment type exhaust gaskets with headers). Headers may not be legal in some areas. Check with your state's motor vehicle department before ordering.

Special Note To Z Owners Doing An Engine Swap:
If your Z has an engine of a different year than original, or you are not 100% positive of this (as in, you have not visually confirmed it yourself), please supply us with the head casting number when ordering your new exhaust header. This casting number can be found between the #1 and #2 spark plugs on the bottom edge of the head, and will be a letter and two numbers, such as "E88" or "N42". Note that cylinder head swaps were (and still are) commonplace with Z-Cars, and in many cases cars that should be 100% original do not have the original cylinder head.