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Performance Turbo Computer Upgrades

Plug in more power!

The proper, and safest method of boosting the output of factory ZX turbo engines is to replace the stock "brain" with a performance engine management computer. Our MSA performance computer has been programmed for increased horsepower while retaining driveability. Critical areas such as ignition timing, boost control, rev limits, throttle response codes, and ignition/fuel control "maps" have been optimized for greatest response without sacrificing reliability. The results are proof positive. 90-95 ZX twin-turbo owners can see as much as 360 horsepower with no further modifications. Most units are even wired to allow for quick replacement of the stock computer chip, and are smog legal. MSA performance computers are sold on an exchange basis for properly functioning stock units only.

IMPORTANT! Cores for performance computers MUST be returned within 10 days of being received. If not, core charge could be forfeited. No exceptions! Unfortunately, 96 twin-turbo models are not yet available.

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