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Cylinder Head Bolt Tool

Cylinder Head Bolt Tool
Part #:60-9946
Price: $7.99
This Cylinder Head Bolt Tool is a Must!

You need an extended length, proper fit Hex/Allen tool in order to remove the cylinder head bolts from your Z-Car engine; and it's even more important for installation, and safely getting head bolts to the proper torque specification. There are shorter tools available, but the "socket" portion of those tools presses against and stresses the cam towers on L6 engines, which is strongly recommended against at the required torque settings. This extended length tool is long enough (just under 4 inches) so that the socket clears the cam towers, without being unnecessarily long, making it imperative for 70-83 Z-Cars with L6 engines; and on later engines an extension that would be required with a shorter tool can interfere with internal components (such as Z31 rocker shafts). This Head Bolt Tool attaches to a 3/8" drive ratchet or torque wrench (or 1/2" drive with a simple adapter), and maintains the proper leverage to remove the bolts and reach the correct torque specification, without the instability of drive extensions at those high torque settings.

  • Premium S2 Steel Forged Hex Bit is exceptionally strong to prevent twisting under high torque
  • Designed to withstand torques as high as DIN standard 220Nm and ASME 252Nm (over 162 ft lbs)
  • Proprietary heat treatment ensures they are normalized and non-warping, making them extremely accurate with very close tolerances
  • Chrome Vanadium forged socket with Special Plating ensures durability and corrosion resistance
  • Chamfered end ensures an easy and smooth fit
  • Precise manufacturing to ensure bit is True to Size
  • Size is deeply stamped on the socket for permanent identification reference
  • Limited lifetime Warranty against defects

Standard (short) tools won't clear Cam Towers and other head components, making them unsafe. There are longer tools made, but this one is the perfect height for proper clearance (the Allen shaft portion is 2 3/4", and the overall length is just under 4"), without adding unecessary length which can increase instability when reaching high torque levels.

Attention California Customers:
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