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Cusco Oil Catch Tank

Cusco Oil Catch Tank

The Cusco Oil Catch Can was designed work with the factory PCV system in order to remove oil particles from the PCV air flow system. Oil particles, blow-by gasses and other contaminants are normally drawn through the PCV system to be burned by the engine. In particular, the oil that comes back through the intake manifold can also distort your air/fuel mixture ratio, reducing performance. While designed for race vehicles, the long term benefits to all Z's are worthwhile. The tanks are available with two different fitting sizes (9mm and 15mm), and are polished to a mirror finish, with Cusco blue fittings and bracket, so it is as attractive as it is functional. The easy to read oil level indicator doubles as the drain tube, just use the quick disconnect fittings and drain the can. It bolts on in minutes using normal hand tools. Most cars require one catch can*.

Fitting Size Note:
70-96 models will need the larger (15mm) size fittings. 03-20 models will need the smaller (9mm) size fittings.

Some Z-Car models have more than one PCV Valve (90-96 300ZX and 09-20 370Z). These cars will need one catch can per PCV Valve.

PCV Hoses:
This kit is a great upgrade and substitute for discontinued PCV hoses. Unfortunately, Oil Catch Cans are not smog legal in all areas; check local laws and restrictions prior to ordering.

Attention California Customers:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Part Number:
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