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Store Front > 370Z Parts Home > New 370Z Products > AEM Dual ETI Cold Air Intake System, 09-11 370Z NISMO

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AEM Dual ETI Cold Air Intake System, 09-11 370Z NISMO

AEM Dual ETI Cold Air Intake System, 09-11 370Z NISMOQuantity in Basket:none
Code: 11-2903

AEM's new Electronically Tuned Intake (ETI) Systems are raising air intake engineering standards once again. With a revolutionary ETI module and fully integrated design, they have eliminated the need to detune or stage intake tube diameter as it crosses the MAF sensor. This air intake system adjusts the sensor electronically to read proper air density, instead of using physical tube designs intended to "trick" the MAF reading. The result is bigger horsepower and torque gains. To match up to the VQ37's dual throttle bodies, this system is comprised of dual mandrel-bent aluminum inlet tubes. Each highly polished 2.75-inch inlet tube originates at the throttle body and routes to the left and right wheel wells. It is in the wheel wells that DryFlow performance air filters are mounted to each inlet tube. The oil-free DryFlow technology is very durable and easy to clean. In order to clear enough space for the DryFlow air filters, AEM includes a custom designed windshield washer fluid reservoir with each 370Z air intake system. Each also includes two pre-programmed ETI modules. Both of the 370Z's Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors plug directly into an included ETI module, which are specifically programmed to read the proper air density data. The result is more horsepower and torque gains.

More about ETI:
Most modern fuel injected cars use a Mass Air flow (MAF) sensor to determine the air flow rate into the engine and meter fuel according to input from the sensor. The relation between the voltage output of the sensor and mass air flow is adversely affected by a shift to a larger diameter intake tube because the airspeed is reduced. This causes the MAF sensor to “under report” air flow causing a lean condition at worst and a Check Engine Light at best. To accommodate MAF sensor reporting, many intake systems reduce the diameter of the intake tube near the MAF sensor to stock or near stock size because of the need to maintain the correct air speed for the sensor to report the correct flow rate to the ECU. AEM's ETI Intake System is an alternative design approach that allows the intake tube to maintain its diameter resulting in more air flow into the throttle body. The ETI Intake System allows AEM to tune an engine for even more power by avoiding any tube down-sizing that will reduce overall airflow and horsepower. Instead the ETI electronically communicates with the MAF sensor to ensure an accurate amount of fuel is being delivered even though the tube is larger in size than the stock system. This means the vehicle maintains the calibration as intended by the factory while enjoying the benefits of our custom designed aftermarket intake system.

Image Note:
The Polished version in the image above was taken at a different angle and distance, making the filters seem smaller. The two parts are identical except for the color.

Dyno Chart (PDF)

Model Guide:
Nissan 370Z NISMO

Model Restrictions:
This part is exclusively for the factory NISMO model 370Z only.

Code Guide:
Nissan Z34

Year Guide:
2009, 2010, 2011

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AEM Dual ETI Cold Air Intake System, 09-11 370Z
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