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Car Shows & Events

  • 2014 & Previous Events   

    The NEW Z-Bash Weekend! May 13-15, 2016

    Featuring The BIG Saturday Car Show -
    At Angel Stadium Of Anaheim!

    The big Z-Bash Car show will be on SATURDAY, MAY 14th, at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, about a mile from our store in Orange! But that is just one day of Z-Bash Weekend! See below for current information & details about all three days of The NEW Z-Bash, and check back to this page for continuing updates and more details as we approach May.


    Definition: Informal. A thoroughly enjoyable, lively party.
    Synonyms: A celebration, blowout, diversion, gala, riot, shindig, festive occasion, get-together, wingding, party, festival, jubilee, good time, a BLAST.

    Our original purpose for the event was as a "thank you" to our customers, the best customers in the world. Now we're taking that gratitude to a new level! The historic 20 year run of the "Motorsport Auto Z-Car West Coast Nationals" is continuing forward with the new name you already know, Z-Bash, which captures the joy of Z-Cars that we share with our customers, and the "blast" it is to gather together to celebrate them.

    Friday, May 13, 2016

    Z-Bash Friday Kickoff & Garage Sale!
    We're working on some things to get the NEW Z-Bash weekend started, which will include Z-Cars, fun, food, and the Motorsport Showroom being open late. Details are being finalized, and should be posted here as we get a bit closer to the show. One thing that we do know is that Friday night will be the World Famous Z-Bash Garage Sale! We may have to work harder to try and find as many items as in previous Garage Sales, since during the past few sales, you purchased almost everything!! Keep an eye on this page for more updates.

    Note: Are you coming in from out of town? We do have a block of rooms at the Ayres Hotel of Anaheim this year for Friday and Saturday night, scroll down to the Hotel section to reserve your room at a discounted rate. Limited Spaces are available so register early!

    Saturday, May 14, 2016

    The Big Car Show at Anaheim Stadium!
    Saturday is the big Car Show day! The NEW Z-Bash Car Show is a return to the "roots" of the Z-Car West Coast Nationals, which is about sharing our collective passion for the Z-Car with thousands of others, while seeing hundreds of the best Z-Cars (and others now, see below!) around. Where you can make like-minded friends, share ideas, see hundreds of ideas already completed, take pictures of your favorites, maybe win some awards, and have a blast. Most importantly, at the NEW Z-Bash there is NO CHARGE to enter your car in the show! The NEW Z-Bash is 100% about the cars, with no fluff or nonsense, just back to the largest annual gathering of Z-Cars and enthusiasts. In addition, the NEW Z-Bash will also include some of the Z-Car's Performance Nissan Family, like Roadsters, 510's, and more. Scroll down for more details! What is the biggest announcement about the NEW Z-Bash? Not only is it moving back to a larger venue, like the history of the Z-Car West Coast Nationals; but will remain at NO CHARGE, like our parking lot events, combining the best of both shows into one new show. Simple. Easy. Fun. In the spirit of our favorite Nissan video, just take someone "riding in the car", and road trip to the NEW Z-Bash!

    We are also expecting to have some great Z Product Manufacturers here to show off parts and answer questions. We will also have Opportunity Drawings during the show for some cool Z prizes. Keep reading to find out about the Dynojet Dyno, Motorsport Showroom Coupons, and more. We will continue to update this page as we approach the show with information about the layout, entrances to use, where in the stadium you will line up, the proper time to show up, and more. While 20 years of show images (well into the tens of thousands!) is a lot to pick a few examples from, we added some below for Z-Bash rookies to get an idea of what sort of Z's show up, and to remind show veterans of the reason they come, the Z's.

    Z-Cars & More Z-Cars!
    The main attraction from day one at the Z-Car West Coast Nationals and now Z-Bash has always been the Z-Cars. The NEW Z-Bash will be no different in that regard, and the show always has some of the most awesome Z's around. Year by year it was always anticipated what new Z's and Z modifications would be seen. We believe that for this year's show that will be even more the case, and there will be lots of great new things even for show veterans to see.

    More Than Just Looks!
    One of the biggest areas of interest about the Z-Cars is the pure performance and beauty of the original L6 & V6 engines across the years, but also the great variety of engines that can be used to creatively power them. The same is true of Z interiors, since stock Z interiors have always been a work of art, and that there are so many ways to customize them. You'll see most of these engine types and swaps at the show, as well as many expertly done interiors, from complete stock "right-off-the-showroom-floor" classic Z restorations to limitless custom concepts.

    Z-Cars For Sale!
    One of the most popular portions of the show has been the Z's for sale area. We will again have a special area for you to show the Z you're selling. People can show up to Z-Bash from all over the world, so you never know who might come to check out your Z. In order for us to advertise your car ahead of time, and reserve space for you in the For Sale area, we will be opening registration soon so you can tell us about the Z you are selling. There is no charge for the registration. Check back here soon. Below are a few examples of the cars that have shown up in the past.

    The Nissan Performance Family
    One thing that has been fairly consistent among Z enthusiasts that we've talked to, they are also fond of the Z-Car's Performance Nissan Brothers. Since this year's venue gives us more available spaces, on behalf of Z-Cars and Z-Car enthusiasts everywhere, we are also inviting the following to the show: Datsun Roadsters, Datsun 510's, Nissan GTR's, and the wide range of Nissan Skylines, of which only some of them are shown below. So in addition to telling your friends about bringing their Z-Car to the show, if you know somebody with one of these four awesome Nissan lines, ask them to bring it to the show for all to enjoy. At this time the show is limited to Nissan/Datsun only, and to only these five (Z, Roadster, 510, GTR, and Skyline). Note: Depending on available space we may add to this list, so check back here for any updates. Below are some of the "Brothers" that have come to our show in the past (Roadsters, 510's, and even a GTR), as well as many we would love to see come to the show (Skylines!!)

    Dynojet Dyno Runs!
    MCE Racing will be bringing their awesome, custom-made, self-powered, drive-on-drive-off DYNOJET trailer for the best DRIVE-ON testing anywhere! There will be a limited number of times available at a discounted price. Reservations for your spot will be available soon.

    One Day Only Show Specials!
    On Saturday afternoon (time yet to be determined), the Motorsport showroom (about a mile from the show) will open, and will feature some one-day-only, at-the-show-only deals. Sale details will be available only at the show, and the specials will only be available on Saturday! In addition to all the deals, there will be a special coupon given ONLY to those who bring their Z to participate in the show! More details to come. If you've never been to our store in Orange, CA, here is what you're missing, along with 3 warehouses full of parts behind it!

    Sunday, May 15, 2016

    Wanna Race?
    We are finalizing the details for an awesome Sunday Full Track event, at one of our great Southern California Road Courses. Check back here shortly for all of the details and how to get signed up. There also may be additional Sunday events added. If so, we'll announce those here.

    Ayres Hotel
    Located a couple of blocks from Anaheim Stadium, the Ayres had great reviews from previous events. Rooms are available Friday, May 13th, and Saturday, May 14th (checkout on Sunday, May 15th am). You can make your reservation for just one or both nights. Call the Ayres to reserve your room at 714-634-2106, ext. 512 or ext. 521. Ask for Motorsport Group reservation to get the special discounted group rate (Discount rate to be announced shortly).
    The group number is MSI513.

    Click Here To See Images From Other Recent Motorsport Events!

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